What We Do

Winnipeg Internet Marketing Proper Search Engine Marketing and Site Optimization will efficiently increase your website's visibility on the Internet. At Serpetuity, we adhere to "White Hat" search engine marketing techniques to increase the amount of qualified traffic to your site. Simply put, we know what to optimize, when to optimize it, and how to optimize the correct elements required to achieve strong search engine rankings.

Now you might be thinking, "Sounds good to me, but what are you actually going to do?" Good question. First, it's important to understand that search engine optimization involves many individual components. Here's a quick SEO lesson for everyone: SEO is the art of aligning a website's key elements to the algorithms and rules of the search engines. We make your website's presence known to the search engines as the most logical match to the search query being compiled. We do this by completing a detailed audit of your current strategies. We talk to you about what your goals are and what is realistic to achieve. We find the best fit keywords and phrases that best suit your objectives. Finally, we reorganize your site's HTML (coding) and content to reflect your desired end result.

At our Winnipeg SEO office, once we've completed the Optimization phase we help promote your site within the search engines by building inbound links from websites, articles, blogs, and forums about your company's website. This does two things: first, it lets the search engines know that you are the most authoritative site on the web for the keyword phrase and therefore you should be ranked very high (RANKINGS!) and second, it puts links all over the web in strategic places that entice viewers to visit your site (TRAFFIC!).

Now, if you want IMMEDIATE traffic and by immediate, we mean within hours, you will want to explore the world of Pay Per Click advertising. Ideally, Pay Per Click means advertising a particular good and/or service in the search engines using the most relevant and appropriate keywords. Pay Per Click also allows you to try new terms before you build a natural SEO campaign for those terms. Rankings for Pay Per Click are based on a number of factors including your bid amount, the quality of your landing page, and who you are in competition with. The experts at our Winnipeg office would be more than happy to work with you through this process.


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