Search / Website Retargeting


Search Retargeting is the practice of targeting an audience for advertising based on what they have previously searched for online. Search retargeting is used to attract new customers, who haven't been to your website before, but who have exhibited signs of being interested in your product or service.

By displaying ads to individuals who have searched for keywords or phrases relevant to your Winnipeg business, we can drive traffic that is already interested in your product or service to your website. To do this properly, our Winnipeg office will conduct a thorough analysis to determine the best keywords for your campaign.

Even if searchers don't click on your ad and visit your website, your advertisement has made them aware of your brand. Although you are targeting customers who have not previously visited your website, you are conserving resources by specifically targeting potential customers who have expressed interest, unlike traditional banner advertisements displayed indiscriminately. Search retargeting campaigns can also influence other aspects of your business's SEO strategy by providing insight into which searches and terms offer the best results.

Website retargeting is used to encourage previous visitors to return to your site. When a potential customer visits your site and then leaves, cookies allow us to target them with display ads. Site retargeting is a very effective method of converting one-time, browsing visitors into purchasers because you can target them for display ads with such a high degree of accuracy. A detailed analysis of keywords and your competitors even allows us to target potential customers in different stages of the buying process.

At Serpetuity, we can help your Winnipeg business by tailoring retargeting options based on which area of your website the potential customer visited, or by designing a promotional offer or other call to action for maximum impact. Whether you are interested in focusing on the Winnipeg market or expanding, we can create a custom campaign to suit your needs!