Google released the Penguin update in 2012 to detect backlink optimization techniques considered "spammy". While Panda penalizes sites with poor quality content, Penguin penalizes sites who link to sites that have poor quality content. This penalized a lot of websites for using methods that were considered common practice when Penguin was first released. Serpetuity in Winnipeg has done the research and the legwork to identify the most effective methods for helping Penguin penalized sites recover.

canstockphoto4526197If your Winnipeg website suddenly decreased in Google's search results, it may have been as a result of the Penguin algorithm update. The Winnipeg-based experts at Serpetuity can help with recovery from a Penguin-related penalty by using proven methods including a thorough audit of your website, comprehensive analysis of existing backlinks, removal of suspicious links, and building new, quality links. Our proven strategies will remove any hindrance your website is experiencing, in order to allow your rankings and traffic to recover in the Winnipeg market and worldwide. We can also help you build good-quality links to increase your search engine rankings further.