The Panda algorithm was originally introduced in 2011, and penalizes sites with content that Google considers to be of poor quality. Sites that are penalized by Panda tend to see a decrease in ranking for almost all search phrases, including location phrases such as Winnipeg.

In some cases, Panda's effect can be quite drastic, but the good news is that this particular algorithm update is meant to benefit small businesses that employ good SEO practices. That means that you can recover, and that your larger competitors might have taken a hit as well.


Serpetuity will verify that your site has indeed been affected by Panda, and then completeĀ a thorough site audit to determine the cause of the problem. Our Panda Recovery service involves SEO services, but we will also make recommendations and assist with the improval of content. The best way to help your Winnipeg website regain its standing in Google's search results is to truly improve the site, in order to cause Google to recognize it as an authoritative site of good quality.