The Hummingbird Google update was released in 2013, and is different from previous Google updates. In fact, it's been called the largest update to Google's algorithm in about a decade. Hummingbird was designed in part to increase the accuracy of conversational searches, such as when a user enters a question into a search engine rather than keywords. An example of such a search could be something along the lines of "where to eat in Winnipeg".

Hummingbird attempts to interpret the search query to display the results the searcher will find most useful, instead of directing searchers to sites that overuse keywords. While Hummingbird was not released to penalize websites in the ways that Panda and Penguin do, it is important to adapt your SEO and marketing strategies to Hummingbird. The Winnipeg-based team at Serpetuity will help you adapt by creating a new strategy for your Winnipeg business, including important elements such as natural link building, unique content, and social media strategies.