Facebook + Ads

Facebook has over 1.23 billion active members, based all over the globe! As the most widely used social media platform in the world, Facebook is an important potential source of website traffic and sales leads.

You can capitalize on this massive audience, including the huge number of potential Winnipeg customers that use Facebook, through a well-executed Facebook Ad campaign. These campaigns can be an affordable way to increase your audience by gaining more followers for your business's Facebook presence as well as generate leads from the Winnipeg market or beyond.


Facebook allows us to get an idea of who  your current audience is, so we can help you create highly targeted ads to effectively reach potential customers. Facebook profiles are filled with information to help us target your ads to the right audience, based on anything from age and location to hobbies.

Serpetuity can help you customize your ads to your target market, create effective ads, and continuously test and evaluate your ads to make sure they are performing well. In addition, we can help with the development and optimization of your brand Facebook page and help you with the best practices for businesses on Facebook, to help you get the most out of this platform. We achieve results by creating a campaign with your specific Winnipeg business goals in mind, whether that means gaining Facebook followers or driving more traffic to your website.