SEMAdWords is Google's online advertising platform. It works by displaying your advertisement alongside search results when someone searches for your chosen keywords. Since most estimates put searches made on Google per day at over 500 million, AdWords is a great way of reaching your targeted audience.

AdWords are Google's way of bringing in revenue without contradicting their policy of promoting natural search results and penalizing unnatural or manipulated results. The advertisements displayed through the AdWords program are displayed alongside natural search results so they are noticeable, but are separate to maintain the integrity of Google's results. Based in Winnipeg, Serpetuity is experienced at optimizing AdWords campaigns to suit our client's needs and budget while getting fast, measurable results.

Keywords are the corner stone for the success of any successful PPC (pay per click) campaign, whether you're focusing on the Winnipeg market or a broader audience. At Serpetuity we perform proper keyword research to determine the best and the most relevant keywords to describe your product or service.

A properly executed AdWords is the ideal mechanism to drive targeted visitors to your site in a short time. In our downtown Winnipeg office, we constantly keep studying a site's results to find out how the site is performing in the sponsored listings. In the case that we find that a particular keyword is not converting as well as expected for you, we remove it and focus on the best performing keywords to maximize your ROI.